The Alliance has been arranging the Shavu'ot Conferences for many years, which have become a tradition among the believers in Yeshua in Israel.

The Alliance has set up (and continues to maintain) closed email networks to build up relationships between the congregational leaders in Israel.

The "Hadadit" Fund (Israeli Aid Fund) is used by the Alliance to provide material aid for Messianic believers in Israel who are facing financial difficulty.

The Alliance arranges music conferences, in which Messianic artists can have a platform to present their new songs.

The Alliance arranges public concerts in which selected Messianic songs from the Music Conferences are played.

In recent years, the Alliance produced four musicals, for children and adults.

As part of the general meeting of the Alliance, a few seminars were included for topics of utmost importance for the congregations of believers in Yeshua.

During the last decade, the Alliance published a journal in Hebrew by the name of “Zot HaBrit” for the body of the Messiah in Israel.

Over the years, the Alliance arranged the participation of Messianic believers from all over Israel in the Jerusalem March, which takes place every year in Succot (The Feast of Tabernacles)..