MJAI Funds

The Messianic Alliance administrate 2 main Funds: Hadadit - Israeli Aid Fund and Keren Tkuma.

Hadadit Israeli Aid Fund provides financial aid for Messianic believers and organizations in Israel, by:


Granting support to families and individuals who are facing financial difficulties and have handed in a request for aid recommended by their congregation's leadership. Their congregation commits to contribute 20% of the approved sum. The Fund gives preference to believers who work for their living, but are temporarily unable to cover living expenses. The grant is given with the intent that, in the future, the recipients would be able to support financially, themselves and also others.


Providing regular monthly support to congregations and Messianic organizations. Contributing to various conference expenses (e.g. Young People's Conferences, Soldiers' Conferences, Youth Conferences) and granting scholarships to students in their studies and ministry training.


Issuing no-interest loans to local believers for payment of their professional training and studies, and to small business proprietors who want to develop their businesses, or start up to new businesses. Applicants are required to have the recommendation of their congregation's leadership and are to hand in, among other documents, their business or study plan.

Keren 'Tkuma'

Keren Tkuma (resurrection Fund) extends considerable loans with very low interest to believers, mainly for purchasing an apartment in Israel, which is quite a challenge for every Messianic family!