For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven.

Ecclesiastes 3,1

Past Activities by the MJAI

The Jerusalem March

Over the years, the Alliance arranged the participation of Messianic believers from all over Israel in the Jerusalem March, which takes place every year in Succot (The Feast of Tabernacles)..

The participants made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and marched in the streets of the City of Jerusalem, wearing shirts with prophetic verses from the Old Testament, singing Messianic songs and waving flags of Israel, as an expression of loyalty and love for our country. The March was a special opportunity to witness about our faith in Yeshua the Messiah to thousands of bystanders and to people taking part in the March.

Much to our sorrow, over the past few years the participation of Messianic Jews as an organized group was barred.


As part of the general meeting of the Alliance, a few seminars were included for topics of utmost importance for the congregations of believers in Yeshua.

The seminar “Our Jewish Identity in Christ” was published in a special edition of the Zot HaBrit journal in April 2001.

The seminar “The Trinity: what do we believe?” was published in a special edition of Zot HaBrit in May 2004.

The seminars “Antisemitism in the Churches” and “Messianic Jews and Israeli Politics” were published in a special edition of Zot HaBarit in May 2008.

“Zot HaBrit” Journal

During the last decade, the Alliance published a journal in Hebrew by the name of “Zot HaBrit” for the body of the Messiah in Israel.

The “Zot HaBrit” (‘This is the Covenant’, in reference to the New Covenant mentioned in Jer 31) journal provides information on various activities that the Alliance arranges in Israel. It provides a platform for people to express the different views within the body of Messiah, and has essays on Messianic history in Israel, local congregations today and current affairs.

A number of Zot HaBrit editions were translated into English and Russian.

‘Zot HaBrit’ Journal – Archive (English):

‘Zot HaBrit’ Journal – Archive (Hebrew):

‘Zot HaBrit’ Journal – Archive (Russian):