Shavu'ot (Pentecost) Conferences

The Messianic Jewish Alliance of Israel has been organizing the Annual Shavuot Conferences for the last 25 years. This gathering become a vital tradition among the Israeli believers in Yeshua.


Each year on Shavuot believers coming from Messianic congregations from all over Israel gather together near Jerusalem to celebrate the Feast of Weeks (or First fruits) and to bring spiritual first-fruits in prayers and in songs. Worship teams from various congregations in Israel lead the people in song, dance and drama. Attendants can have picnic style fellowship with believers from all over the country while enjoying a meal out in the Jerusalem breeze. Over the years, the Shavuot conference has become one of the central expressions of the strong bond of unity among believers in Israel. Many groups and individual believers from the nations are also joining the celebration with great joy.

Pentecost Conference 2019, Yad HaShmona

Shavuot Picnic 2016, Yad HaShmona